LocalFi Collaborates With Non-Profit Organization, Greenlight Solutions, To Give Work From Home Businesses Better Environmental Solutions

At LocalFi: SEO Digital Marketing Agency, we’ve recognized how many ‘work from home’ businesses there are in the world, especially since the COVID-19 Pandemic. LocalFi is predominantly a WFH (work from home) company also! By 2025, Forbes Advisor anticipates 32.6 million Americans will work remotely…and that’s just America!!

Because we are always looking for ways to make a positive impact beyond ourselves, and for the betterment of our planet, we decided to partner with Greenlight Solutions, an educational nonprofit based in Tempe, Arizona, whose mission is to educate and empower students and business leaders to create positive social, environmental, and economic change through sustainability initiatives.

In our 7 months of collaborating together, we’ve been able to create a blueprint that business owners and work from home individuals can use to learn simple and impactful ways to reduce their carbon footprint while working from home.

Work From Home Sustainability Guide

What Is A Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint refers to the total amount of greenhouse gasses, specifically carbon dioxide (CO2), and other carbon compounds emitted directly or indirectly by human activities. It’s a measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gasses produced, usually expressed in equivalent tons of CO2 emitted per year.

This includes emissions from activities like transportation, energy production, industrial processes, and even household activities like heating and cooling homes. Understanding and reducing one’s carbon footprint is essential in mitigating climate change and minimizing environmental impact.

Why Does Reducing My Carbon Footprint Matter?

Carbon emissions exert a harmful impact on our environment. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we can effectively mitigate the acceleration of global temperature rising, contribute to stabilizing rising sea levels, decelerate the melting of polar ice caps, and combat ocean acidification.

You’ve probably seen various nature documentaries mentioning how we, humans, are harming our planet, but what they typically struggle to do at the end of the movie is give you real, actionable things you can do right now to make a difference for the future of our planet! Finding ways to reduce your carbon footprint doesn’t have to be hard, expensive, and it doesn’t have to be drastic such as stopping eating all meat!

Real Solutions For Work From Home Businesses

WFH (work from home) businesses and business owners who seek to make a positive environmental impact have the opportunity to help their employees greenify their home or home offices by addressing the lack of sustainability knowledge and removing the cost barrier and/or inconvenience of implementing the solutions.

LocalFi is excited to be able to share a condensed version of the incredible data and energy, waste, and water solutions we’ve gathered for business owners and WFH individuals! This presentation is a guide for how WFH businesses & individuals can make their homes more environmentally friendly, build more sustainable habits, while also potentially saving money in the long run. Sustainability doesn‘t have to be difficult, inconvenient, expensive, or time-consuming, and this presentation aims to offer some of the most impactful, affordable, and easy-to-implement solutions available!

If you want to see the full presentation, click the button below to learn how to get it!

If you want to see the full presentation, click the button below to learn how to get it!

How LocalFi: SEO Digital Marketing Agency Is Making A Positive Impact

LocalFi was founded in 2018 with a focus on helping locally owned businesses and communities grow and prosper through the power of SEO (search engine optimization). By helping these local businesses look and rank better on Google Maps, Yelp, and other important places online, we are able to make a bigger impact beyond ourselves. We also regularly donate our services to non-profit organizations who are helping positively impact their local community or environment. Some of these organizations include

One Tree Planted

They are dedicated to planting trees all over the world where they are needed most where $1 = 1 tree.

Local First Arizona

They support independent, locally owned businesses. They promote and advocate for a strong local business community and raise public awareness of the economic and cultural benefits provided by strong local economies. Local businesses contribute to a sustainable economy for Arizona and build vibrant communities we’re all proud to call home.

Agua Viva Serves

They implement sustainable clean water projects. Their board and volunteers are personally involved in their mission to bring fresh drinking water to the underprivileged communities in Northern Costa Rica. Agua Viva Serves educates and installs water systems to help continue to maintain the systems in the future.

If you’d like to read more about LocalFi’s involvement in the community and how they’ve helped other non-profit organizations, check out our In The Community page on our website!

How YOU Can Make A Positive Impact Today!

It’s great to want to live a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly lifestyle, but actions speak louder than words! Therefore, I am empowering you to take action today! Try implementing one of the solutions below and start making a difference in the planet you, your family, and your friends live on. Keep in mind that forming a habit usually requires consistent repetition over a time period of about 30 consecutive days. You may even want to download a habit tracker app to help hold you accountable on your journey to living a more sustainable lifestyle whether you’re working from home or in your personal life!

Below are a few ways you can take action today!

Schedule a free energy audit

Check out the presentation above to learn more about how to find an energy audit available in your location.

Buy a drying rack

Start small and commit to hang drying clothes once every other week so you wean your way into it. Time yourself and see how quickly you’re able to hang the clothes and fold them instead of using the dryer!

Buy reusable grocery bags

Put them in the front seat of your car on your way to the grocery store so you don’t forget them!

Buy reusable ziploc bags

Use these reusable bags in combination with your existing plastic ziploc bags so you use the rest of your ziploc bags and start getting used to using the dishwasher safe, reusable kind!

Buy reusable water bottles

Did you know it takes hundreds of years for a plastic water bottle to decompose!? The waste typically ends up in landfills or waterways negatively affecting our ecosystems and (depending on the type of plastic) health of animals and humans. The simple answer? Buy a pack of reusable water bottles that you can use over and over again!

To find recommendation about which specific products to buy or other ways you can greenify your home office or home in general, check out the condensed WFH (work from home) Sustainability Guide Presentation above or fill out the form below so we can send you the more detailed version of our presentation which has way more useful info on how a work from home business or individual can reduce their carbon footprint and live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle!


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