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The primary reason why we decided to build a website development program for LocalFi clients is that we were sick and tired of watching our clients get ripped off via ineffective websites that didn’t impact the bottom line of their businesses.

We kept running into poorly built, ineffective websites that not only had our clients investing heavy sums to get no return, but that significantly hampered our ability to get exceptional results.

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Number One

It was built by a website developer who understands how to build websites but doesn’t understand marketing or SEO. What you’re left with is a pretty looking website that nobody ever sees, and has no pathway to actually capture new customers.

We can’t tell you how many times when, in a Discovery Meeting with a client, we asked: What is the pathway that you want clients to take on your website? And they just stared back at us, with a blank face. This is after investing $15-$20k into building a website that has no pathway to actually bringing in new customers.


Number Two

A family or friend created the website for “free,” or at a significant discount. These are often the worst websites, many times damaging your business even more than no website at all.

While the family or friend has good intentions, they also have a busy life, and while doing the work for free, they often put it at the end of the list, causing it to take much more time than ever expected.

Not only that but family and friends usually are not experts in web development, SEO, or marketing, and so you’re left with a website that actually just confuses or turns away your customers.

When you look at the opportunity cost of having a website that causes you to lose customers, this to us, is actually the most expensive type of website to build.


Number Three

Unethical marketing companies that hold your website hostage. We saw this too many times where our clients had paid far too much for a website and then when they weren’t able to pay the whole amount, the company holds the website hostage, not allowing access to edit or update.

This created many obstacles for businesses, many times causing them not to be able to make any money and couldn’t repay the marketing company to get access to their website to actually change the website so that they could bring in customers and make money!


When The LocalFi Team saw that one of these three problems were happening for 75% of the new clients that we brought on, we knew that we had to create a better solution for our clients. And then when the Pandemic of 2020 hit, Founder & CEO of LocalFi, Isaac, immediately looked at how he, his company, and his clients were going to need to pivot for this changing world.

One plan emerged more clearly than any other, and that is that every company essentially needs to have an online source of revenue. If not, that company is at high risk of going out of business in this new world.

Because of the new importance of websites, we went out and built the best team that we could so that your websites would not only look amazing, they would be built with the customer’s pathway in mind, to bring lead prospects to become new clients.

AND it would be built with high-level SEO from the get-go, creating an extremely strong foundational base for your website to be able to grow, drive more traffic, and drive more revenue to your business.

The Process of Web Development

Now let us be 100% upfront and honest: web development is one of the most complex undertakings that a business can ever have.

Isaac, the Founder, personally has been building websites for over nine years but has been extremely selective, never working on more than one website at a time, because of the amount of focus, time, organization, project management, and client management that all needs to happen for a successful website to be built.

Yet the problem of highly expensive, yet ineffective, websites was so prevalent, that Isaac decided it was time to build a web development team that could truly execute the creation of great websites that drive traffic and convert prospects into customers.


The Team and the Systems

Having a great system and team in place was going to be essential to execute some incredibly complex yet important tasks of building a website. The first thing we needed to do was build a team that could execute all the elements. Our team now includes a high-end web developer and SEO expert.

That is an incredibly rare combination, to have both. And to be able to build a website with an extremely good SEO foundational base will be worth an invaluable amount in the new world.

Second, we needed a high-end copywriter who could take the business owner’s knowledge and convert it into written words that sell your prospects on moving forward.

Third, we needed a great design team that could execute not only designing graphics that enhance, excite, and elevate, but we needed a team that could also execute SEO optimizing every image. Google has put huge importance on metatags, meta descriptions, and geolocations in every image. And yet, 98% of websites that we see haven’t even named their images to be SEO optimized.

Lastly, we needed a project manager. Someone with expertise and understanding of all of the team members. Someone who can lead the project and organize each moving part to ensure a successful website.


The Execution

Now that we had our great team in place and our systems set up, it was time to execute. And for our first website utilizing this new team and new system, we completely rebuilt one of our client’s websites: Stirling Painting & Renovations.

Their initial website that we were replacing had cost them $12,000 and was built about five years ago. Their original website had driven them zero SEO traffic to it. Not only that but the website never even talked about the key areas they were wanting to grow like commercial painting and interior residential painting.


The Results

We launched the new website initially with little marketing, just a mention on their social media accounts that a new website had been put up. Keep in mind this was during the height of the pandemic and we had no clue how the year was going to play out as the stay-at-home order was in effect in Pennsylvania where Stirling Painting & Renovations is located.

Fast forward a couple of months, we’re talking to the business owners, and we were going over how the website is operating. We asked if they have run into any issues? Any bugs? Any customers saying that they had issues? “No,” they said, “we keep seeing leads come in!”website-seo-before-and-after-case-studies

In fact, so many leads were being generated, the company could barely keep up at first!

“Is there any way for you to be able to decrease these leads a little bit?” said the business owner. Isaac chuckled and said “I’m sorry guys, we’re not running paid ads, this is all organic traffic being driven from your website.” Isaac said, “You’re ranking number one across the board. We’re not going to aim for you to rank two or three! I think it’s time for you to increase your prices.”

And that’s how powerful a new website can be. Only a month after launching the website and having the stay-at-home order lifted, Stirling Painting & Renovations were so busy they were having a hard time handling all the leads. This is without even running an external SEO campaign. This is just building a new website with a great SEO foundational base.

You can clearly see the jump in traffic from the graphic above. Not only is this website bringing in more customers than they have ever brought in through a website before, but it’s bringing in the high-ticket customers, and it’s showing them off in a way that makes you just want to work with them!

The return on investment literally took one month after the website was built to see, and they’re going to easily see a 25-30x ROI by the end of the year on this website and the new and high-quality leads it’s been able to drive them. Now THAT is a great marketing asset!

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