One of the core reasons we launched LocalFi was to create a lifestyle for ourselves, for our clients, and for our team members that really resonated with our beliefs – our passion for freedom and being able to support others. The LocalFi Lifestyle is about creating the freedom in your life to pursue your passions and desires while also allowing you to help others at a level unachievable before. For us, The Founders, that meant freedom to travel. That meant freedom to help out the communities that we were engaged and amazed by. It is the freedom to allow our team members to grow, to travel, to advance their careers, advance their lives, advance their relationships, and to give them a pathway to give back to others.

For me, Isaac, the LocalFi Lifestyle is about aspiration. I’ve known since I was a young kid that I was born to explore this amazing, incredible world. By creating the LocalFi Lifestyle we’ve been able to travel consistently. And not only are we traveling, exploring, hiking, and climbing mountains, but we are making a bigger impact on communities than ever before. What we’ve created with the LocalFi Lifestyle is not just a lifestyle to support us, but a lifestyle to support so many others. Because of this lifestyle, we are able to help a different nonprofit organization every quarter with their Google My Business optimization, normally a $2,000 package. In creating this lifestyle, we’ve created more freedom and movement for our employees to set their own schedule than any company I’ve ever worked for.

Because of our lifestyle, our clients are able to grow and scale their businesses without worrying about where the next client is coming from. Because of the LocalFi Lifestyle, we’ve been able to strengthen communities across America, and communities are really the foundation of America. Think about it – why do we travel? Why do we go to different cities, explore different restaurants, museums, and neighborhoods? Because each community has its own style, its own speciality, its own strengths. We as humans love exploring and sharing in these different communities, and we at LocalFi love strengthening these communities so they can continue to serve individuals who live there, travel there, and fall in love with the passion behind each community. The LocalFi Lifestyle is about freedom. Freedom to live your passion. And creating the freedom to truly help others.

Freedom & Exploration

The LocalFi Lifestyle is based on freedom and exploration. It’s a lifestyle that allows you not only to fulfill your purpose to the community and to society but to fulfill the desires inside of you to be able to achieve and live your wildest dreams while truly contributing back to others!

For Kim and Isaac, The LocalFi Lifestyle meant travel – freedom to travel and live wherever their souls took them. It meant freedom to be the owners of their business so they could choose where they wanted to work in their business instead of being forced to cover all the roles. It meant financial freedom drawing in a residual revenue stream that would continue to allow for The LocalFi Lifestyle. It meant freedom of expression, to express their creative, unique selves to the world. It was about the freedom to help others. By increasing their abundance, they massively increased the abundance they were able to spread to others.




In working with LocalFi, Galina Fine Jewelers was able to expand their business into a larger location! They have now started to offer high-end cigars and fine wine also, which the owners are very passionate about.



By working with LocalFi, Stirling was able to move into a larger location, expand their team, and attract the jobs they are most passionate about doing. Most importantly, we’ve been able to help them grow and establish new systems so now the business owners aren’t the ones answering the phones!


Desert Mobile Medical has always been focused on disrupting the broken healthcare system by providing high quality at-home care without the need for health insurance. They have been so successful all across the Phoenix valley, with the help of LocalFi, and now have been able to expand their services to benefit people all across Arizona now! LocalFi has also helped him build his team to be able to remove himself from the day to day operations so he can focus on expanding his services to help even more people.
So what does The LocalFi Lifestyle realization look like for Kim and Isaac? Well, they have been traveling consistently! In that time they have driven up the entire west coast, they’ve lived in incredible cities, they’ve summited over 50 mountains, hiked thousands of miles, visited some of the most scenic and breathtaking places on planet Earth, lived in some of the coolest AirBnBs, condos, and houses. They’ve been able to explore deserts and mountains and ski towns and restaurants and festivals and cute tiny, historic towns which Kim absolutely adores! During all this travel and exploration, they have not only been able to significantly increase their wealth, but they’ve also been able to massively increase how many other people they are able to share their joy and knowledge with. The LocalFi Lifestyle is about living your true purpose, your true life, and living it with a hell of a lot of fun!
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