The Biggest Opportunity For Franchise Marketing

The Biggest Opportunity For Franchise Marketing

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The Biggest Opportunity For Franchise Marketing

Franchises are a major part of the business climate here in America and throughout the world. Many people don’t realize that for many franchises, the franchisees are actually local business owners of that location. Though not all, many franchises are actually giving back to the community if the owner is local. Also, most of the money coming into a franchisee location that has a local owner is essentially going back into that community.

Because we’ve seen how important locally owned franchise locations can be to a community, LocalFi has decided to launch a specific program to help these franchisees improve their online presence through cutting-edge digital marketing services.

Local SEO For Franchise Marketing

One of the biggest opportunities for franchise marketing, both for the franchisor and the individual franchisees, is Local SEO marketing. This means having your location rank highly on different local listing platforms like Google Maps, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and many other local business platforms.

If you think about it, many people join franchises because the franchisor is supposed to be able to provide great marketing systems and tools to help that person with their business ownership.

Unfortunately, most franchisees are given a strict budget of exactly how much money they need to spend on marketing and exactly where to spend the money. Most of the time, the franchisor makes the franchisee spend ‘X’ amount of money on PPC ads (pay-per-click advertisements).

While pay-per-click advertising does have a place in advertising and can be effective, we have spoken to many franchisees who are not having success with their PPC campaigns and are struggling to break even with their franchise location.

As a franchisor, Local SEO marketing is a great marketing tool to be able to offer your franchisee locations to help them start on a great foot. Local SEO has consistently proven to have one of the highest ROI producers of any marketing avenue out there, and unlike PPC advertisements, when you build and optimize your local profiles, they become marketing assets that you own for the entire lifespan of your business. As for pay-per-click ads, as soon as you’ve run out of budget, all that work you’ve done is essentially gone. 

However, most franchisors and franchisees are missing this huge opportunity of Local SEO, which can put a big damper on a new franchisee who has recently purchased into the business but is having a hard time driving local sales.

Why Work With LocalFi?

As a top-rated SEO Phoenix company, we offer top-of-the-line Local SEO marketing services that can greatly benefit local locations for franchisees. 

At LocalFi, we’ve had great success in both helping individual franchisee members with their local business as well as working with the franchisors and the overall franchise. And thanks to the power of Local SEO marketing, all our clients saw significant growth even with the pandemic because their businesses were well positioned online, a trend we expect to continue growing into the future.

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