The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Applying To Join A Marketing Agency

The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Applying To Join A Marketing Agency

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The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Applying To Join An SEO Marketing Agency In Scottsdale

Applying to a marketing agency in Scottsdale can be trickier than applying to other industries. After all, a marketing or SEO agency Arizona is most likely a stickler for details and creativity. Your application should show off your best side!

Not Including A Cover Letter

Think of the cover letter as your introduction. It is your first handshake. It is the first time the SEO marketing agency will get to meet you. You have to make it count. This is your chance to make a good first impression. This is how you get the Local SEO company in Arizona interested in you!

So, make sure to include a cover letter that introduces yourself, displays your enthusiasm for joining the marketing agency, and highlights relevant experience. 

And, most importantly, use your cover letter as an opportunity to give context to your resume. There might be employment gaps or shifts in industries that need explanation. Add these details to the cover letter.

Forgetting To Do A Spell Check And Grammar Check

As good as we think we are with spelling and grammar, we make mistakes. It’s important to spot and correct these mistakes, before sending your application to a Scottsdale SEO or marketing agency. 

There are several spelling and grammar-checking tools online. Many of these are free to use. Take advantage of these and impress that SEO Phoenix company!

Doing this step not only shows your professionalism and attention to detail. It also adds to your “brand.” And that personal brand is one that cares a lot and takes the extra step!

Submitting A Blah Application — You Need to Stand Out!

Remember that the HR executive who’s going to receive and read your application has probably received and read a thousand like yours. Don’t put them to sleep with a boring resume! Stand out and show off your creativity, even before they even read your resume.

There are many free and paid online tools you can use to create resumes that catch attention. No PhotoShop skills or anything else are required! Make sure to include the most pertinent information such as work history, skill sets, list of references, but also include unique points such as your core values. We even recommend adding a professional photo of yourself which can help your resume really stand out!

Want to take it another step further? Create your resume with the same color scheme and brand consistency as the company you’re looking to work with. WOW! What an impressive impact that small addition can make to catch the eye of that HR person!

Why Work With LocalFi: The Leading SEO Marketing Agency In Scottsdale?

There are many great benefits of being part of The LocalFi Team! Imagine being able to work from anywhere in the world. The LocalFi Lifestyle encourages travel, time with family, and, most importantly, a healthy work/life balance. This lifestyle encourages a flexible schedule as well. When you have great time management skills, create a lifestyle that supports your health, wealth, and happiness!

Beyond the obvious benefits are much more purposeful, impactful benefits. By joining The LocalFi Team, you’re able to make a positive impact beyond yourself, beyond even our own company by supporting & benefiting local businesses all over the United States. By helping each local business, we’re helping them reach more customers who need their services. 

Check out our LocalFi Glassdoor reviews to see what LocalFi Team Members have to say about working for LocalFi and learn why we’re one of the best marketing agencies to work for! 

We are a leading local SEO company Arizona, and have first-hand experience in picking through hundreds of resumes for those that stand out and really impress us.

This is how we’ve been able to put together an awesome team of highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated digital marketing professionals who love what they do. Through the women and men in our team, we’ve kept our clients of The LocalFi Family not just happy, but thriving.  And many of these clients have been with us for years!

At the core of LocalFi is high integrity. This is exemplified in the core values that we look for in our team members. And, this is why our clients love us: we do great work for them, we communicate in a way they can also understand and everyone authentically enjoys working with each other to build long-term relationships with great results!

Interested in joining our team? Apply for a position on our career page to be considered!


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