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Public Speaking: Unlock Success with LocalFi

At LocalFi, we are more than just a leading Arizona SEO marketing agency. Our commitment extends beyond providing effective online marketing services; we continually seek ways to support and empower others.

From donating our marketing services every quarter to non-profit organizations to donating some of our profits to support environmental sustainability, among other initiatives, we strive to utilize the resources at our disposal to drive positive change in local communities and beyond.

One of the most impactful ways we have been able to help empower others is through public speaking engagements. As the go-to marketing agency in Phoenix, we have worked with dozens of businesses across over 60 different industries countrywide, an experience that has helped us achieve an intimate understanding of the most common challenges facing businesses beyond finding reliable marketing services.

This knowledge, coupled with our experience running a successful marketing business, allows us to provide actionable advice through speaking engagements to help entrepreneurs thrive. Our mission is to help you build a resilient business model and put the right systems in place to make your business more profitable and self-sustaining.

Essentially, you will learn to overcome common business challenges, strike a balance between professional and personal life, and leverage digital marketing and scalability systems to achieve business success and financial freedom. We want to empower you to live the life you’ve always wanted.

When you hire us for public speaking engagements, you can expect a dynamic and engaging experience that will educate and inspire your audience.

Meet Our Speakers

Isaac Navias

Isaac, LocalFi founder and CEO, is a seasoned digital marketing specialist and entrepreneur with a wealth of knowledge in search engine optimization (SEO), effective digital marketing strategies, and running a successful business. His experience and expertise can help you unlock success in business and beyond, empowering your audience to realize financial freedom and other benefits.

Kim Coates

As the COO of LocalFi, Kim understands the nitty-gritty details of running everyday business operations. An avid advocate for women-led businesses, she also has an intimate understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that women entrepreneurs face. Her journey from a traditional 9-to-5 job to successful entrepreneurship makes her an inspiration to many female entrepreneurs.

Why Choose LocalFi for Your Next Event?

Expertise and Experience

At LocalFi, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every speaking engagement. With years of experience running a thriving digital marketing business and helping businesses scale up successfully, we know what it takes to establish a successful business and achieve financial freedom.

We have utilized our acquired experience over the years to streamline the running of our marketing business by developing systems to optimize operations and productivity. This has enabled our talented team of Phoenix SEO experts to consistently deliver top-notch results for our clients while still enjoying flexible working schedules and the freedom to work from anywhere around the world.

Dynamic and Engaging Presentations

Our speaking engagements are designed to educate and inspire our audience. We go beyond traditional presentations, incorporating real-life case studies, interactive sessions, and actionable takeaways that resonate with attendees. By providing practical strategies and advice, we ensure the audience walks away with valuable insights and action items they can use to achieve tangible results in business and life.

Personalized Advice

We understand that every event and audience is unique. That’s why we offer customized presentations tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you’re looking for insights on the most effective marketing solutions, scaling with systems, financial intelligence, creating the perfect work-life balance, or need advice on how to travel the world and run a successful business as we have, we are the experts you need by your side.

Impressive Track Record

With an impressive track record of successful speaking engagements, LocalFi has established itself as a trusted partner for organizations seeking impactful speakers on business success, effective digital marketing, financial intelligence, scaling with systems, and travel. Some of the organizations we have had the pleasure of working with include:

  • At Arizona State University (ASU), we were entrusted with teaching “Logistics for Utilizing Existing Digital Tools Workshop,” which was part of the “Prepping to Digitize Your Food Business” webinar series at the J. Orin Edson Entrepreneurship & Innovation Institute, a wing of ASU. We were honored to use our expertise to educate and inspire our audience to succeed.
  • For the Arizona Commerce Authority, we’ve delivered some of our highest-rated and most sought-after webinars, contributing significantly to their entrepreneur boot camp and supporting the growth of local businesses.
  • Our collaboration with Local First Arizona as Legacy Partners has involved regular speaking engagements and webinars to support entrepreneurs and local businesses in achieving their full potential. Our sessions are highly interactive and far from your typical webinar, incorporating real case studies and actionable insights. This approach has made us the highest-rated and most sought-after speakers for Local First Arizona.
  • Grand Canyon University (GCU) featured us in an interview with Mindy Weinstein, a renowned SEO expert, highlighting our thought leadership in the industry.
  • Last but not least, we have also been featured on Mike Weinstein’s It’s Business Time and Money Talk radio shows.
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