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At LocalFi: SEO Digital Marketing Agency, we believe that the local businesses that have the best products & services should be the ones who have the most customers; However, this is often not the case. Many times the businesses that have the most customers are the businesses who are spending the most money on marketing.

Now, more than ever before, your business has to have a digital presence to both inform current customers and attract new customers. Having a Digital Presence means a lot more than just being on Social Media.

That’s why we created our Local SEO Accelerated Maps Package specifically for these businesses. That way, LocalFi is able to give you your freedom to focus on what you do best, which is serving your community, while we take care of your marketing systems to ensure you are being seen as one of the best companies in your area and have a constant flow of new customers walking through your door. By partnering with LocalFi, experience what it’s like to beat out your competitors with the power of Local SEO and a great looking online reputation!


One of the biggest compliments we receive time and time again for our speaking engagements is that people really enjoy the fact that we don’t just teach, we actually share REAL action items you can take right now to make a positive impact for your online presence.

If you’re ready to start driving new customers to your business through Google, check out one of the highest rated webinars LocalFirstAZ has done, featuring CEO & Founder of LocalFi, Isaac Navias. This webinar will give you real action steps on how to make a positive impact for business today!

In the webinar, we discuss the 3 most important places your business needs to be online and how to use these platforms to inform your current customer base of updates or new offerings, as well as, how to attract new customers during a challenging time in our world like the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Make Sure Your Online Signs Are Correct And Attractive

What would you do if you came into your business one day and your sign had been destroyed in a storm?  I bet you would get it fixed or replaced pretty quickly wouldn’t you?  In today’s market more and more people are finding you online than ever before, but have you ever checked to make sure your “signs” online are correct?

Did you know that almost 50% of Local Businesses have at least 1 incorrect or missing address or phone number across the major local business directories like Google, Yelp, etc? This can affect your business in several ways:

  • Loss Of Trust: When consumers find incorrect information about a business online, 80% lose trust in that business
  • Loss Of Rankings: Google sees you as more credible the more sites your data is listed on correctly. If your data is wrong, Google will drop your rankings and visibility
  • Loss of Customers: If your phone number or address is wrong and your prospect can’t find you, you lose their business

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