Highlighting Women In Business


Local Digital Marketing Company Supports Female Entrepreneurs

LocalFi is a proud supporter of female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses. Since 2020, women entrepreneurs represent nearly 50% of new business owners.

As a female-dominant marketing company, LocalFi: SEO Digital Marketing Company is excited to be able to help more women-owned businesses reach more customers to be able to share their services and offerings.

Highlighting Women In Business

Another way LocalFi is supporting female women in business is by sharing their knowledge with others who are seeking resources and information about becoming a successful entrepreneur.

We have selected and interviewed many successful women in business to help them better share their success stories and their journeys to entrepreneurship! This is also an incredible opportunity to highlight these powerful women and give you, the reader, a way to reach out to them, should there be beneficial collaboration opportunities.

We hope that you, as an entrepreneur, also find value in their business advice and wisdom that these female women in business have gained through their real life experiences.

Sherri McManus

Co-Founder, Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer of The Lou Everett Group

Maria Crimi Speth

Shareholder and Intellectual Property Attorney of Jaburg Wilk Law Firm

Ashley Weisman

Executive Director of GreenLight Solutions

Disrupting The Male-Dominated Marketing Industry

LocalFi is excited to continuously disrupt the marketing industry by having a predominant female workforce, including a female Chief Operating Office, Executive Account Manager, & Executive Account Manager Support.

Our team is excited to give more opportunities and support to female entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a positive impact beyond themselves, through the power of their own local business.

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